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Apple exec confirms white iPhone coming ‘this spring’

The long-rumored white iPhone 4 may just yet see the light of the day after all. (To our credit, we’ve suspected for sometime that it would.) Now the question is: what form will the pale smartphone be taking?

The news of the imminent arrival of the white iPhone came from a tweet issued by Philip Schiller, Apple’s Apple’s senior vice president of marketing, in response to a question from a follower about the phone’s availability. Schiller’s tweet read simply, “The white iPhone will be available this spring (and it is a beauty!).”

The real news here lies in what Schiller didn’t say. Does Apple intend on releasing a white iPhone 4 or a white iPhone 5 (if that is indeed what the next model iPhone ends up being called)?

It would seem silly to launch a cosmetic variation so close to the anticipated launch of the next generation iPhone — and even sillier for anyone to actually buy one. But Schiller’s tweet does clearly say ‘this spring’ and Apple traditionally launches its latest and greatest smartphone after spring, in early summer.

So unless Apple is breaking with tradition, Schiller is more than likely talking about a white iPhone 4 (or some variation of an iPhone 4).  Either way, it’s probably time to lay the speculation to rest and wait and see what Apple has planned for the device that some were ready to declare phantom-ware just a few short months ago.

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