Apple goes for gold in its first TV ad for iPhone 5S

apple goes for gold in its first tv ad iphone 5s side

Exactly a month after it hit the market, Apple has released its first TV ad for the iPhone 5S, with the gold-colored version taking the starring role.

With its abundance of brown liquid, the ad is just as likely to have chocoholics salivating as it is Apple fans reaching for their wallets to hand over their hard-earned Benjamins for the new device.

It’s a simple, stylish affair, showing the gold-colored 5S forming out of liquid metal, ending with a press of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to launch the home screen. The 30-second ad, called ‘Metal Mastered’, features the Goldfrapp track ‘Ooh La La’. Yes, Goldfrapp.

The song’s lyrics include, “Switch me on, turn me up, I want to touch you, you’re just made for love,” which for some will perfectly encapsulate the kind of intimate relationship that appears to exist between diehard Apple fans and their iDevices.

Perfect plastic

Apple’s ad is also similar in many ways to its recent ‘Plastic Perfected’ ad for the more competitively priced 5C phone, which shows the device forming out of – you can probably guess – liquid plastic.

The tech giant appears to have been concentrating its marketing efforts more on its 5C handset over the last month, though with Sunday’s 5S ad coming just a few days after it rolled out a new print ad for the handset, it looks as if the more expensive device is about to take center stage. The 5S also comes in silver and space gray, though multiple reports in recent weeks suggest it’s the gold version that most people want to get their hands on.