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Apple’s revamped TV app is here, rolling out to viewers with iOS 12.3 update

Looking forward to Apple’s upcoming on-demand streaming service and revamped Apple TV experience? Today is your lucky day. The company has officially released a brand new version of its TV app for iOS, letting users of iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV HD/Apple TV 4K browse, stream, and enjoy their favorite content with ease.

The updated TV app, which was previously available as a beta, comes as part of the company’s long-anticipated iOS 12.3 update, which rolled out to all eligible iOS devices via the Settings app on Monday, May 13. To get the update, just go to the settings menu, click “general”, then click “software update.” The update is free.

The new TV app was first released for public beta following Apple’s big March 25 event in California, which executives at the company joined forces with some of the biggest names in Hollywood to announce a slew of new content that will come as part of Apple’s upcoming TV Plus service.

The new app features the same “up next” and “watch now,” sections that Apple TV fans have been used to for years on the front menu, but it adds a brand new recommendation algorithm that’s designed to offer even better suggestions for you, based on your individual viewing history.

The bottom of the app features three selections, with library and search options so you can access downloaded content and find favorite shows and films with ease.

In addition to cleaner, more segmented genres for kids, sports, and TV shows, Apple has also added a section for “Channels,” which are subscription services like HBO, Showtime, and Starz, that can now be integrated into the overall TV ecosystem without the need for outside apps. Other channels featured by the company include CBS All Access, Sundance, Cinemax, Comedy Central Now, Epix, Mubi, Nickelodeon, Smithsonian, and the History Channel Vault. Channels can be watched online or off (so long as you’ve downloaded the content you want to watch), and can be shared by up to six people via a Family Sharing membership.

In related news for fans of Apple devices: The new TV app is also available for Samsung TV owners, with all 2019 models and some 2018 models getting access to the revamped interface today.

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