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Apple iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are now available — here’s how you can skip the line

September means camping out in the cold to get the new iPhone – at least for Apple fanatics. These people have made it a tradition to be the first ones to get their hands on the latest Apple smartphones. For those who would rather skip the lines, ordering online is the surest way you can get your new iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max. You even have a trade-in option when you purchase from Apple’s online store. Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy are also there if you pay full price or upgrade with your phone plan.

The $699 iPhone 11 is now the entry-level Apple smartphone, replacing last year’s $749 iPhone XR. This makes it the most affordable iPhone at the time of launch since the iPhone 8. Opting for the trade-in option in Apple’s online shop lets you get the iPhone 11 for as low as $99. Best Buy also lets you trade your current iPhone for the newer model but offers less cash back.

iPhone 11:

iPhone 11 Pro:

iPhone 11 Pro Max:

If you want the full Apple flagship experience, prepare to shell out $200 more for the iPhone 11 Pro or $300 for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This extra payment will give the Pro models numerous advantages over the iPhone 11. These include the three-lens camera setup, stainless steel body, greater stamina, and superior OLED display.

Whether you choose the iPhone 11, iPhone Pro 11, or iPhone Pro 11 Max, your new phone will come with the newly released iOS 13. Apple’s new mobile operating system is now also available for the previous models. It contains several notable updates, including enhancements in speed, privacy, and photo capturing. This iOS also brings Dark Mode to Apple smartphones.

The latest iPhone lineup is being built with the Apple 13 Bionic chipset. Even if you choose to get the entry-level iPhone 11 over its bigger Pro brothers, you will get a smartphone that has what Apple claims as the fastest mobile processor today. iPhone 11 runs the new iOS 13 fluidly and launches apps without a hitch. This iPhone even delivered performance similar to the Pro models when we ran the new Pacal’s Wager game.

Order the iPhone 11 now from Apple or your favorite online retailers. It’s base model starts at $699, which is $50 below than last year’s iPhone XR. You can pay for it in monthly installments with zero interest. You can also trade in your previous-model iPhone and get up to $600 slashed from the price.

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Call Annie ChatGPT app on an iPhone.

Showing up to a videoconference as your digital avatar can be quite fun. Apple lets you do just that with Memojis during FaceTime. If you want something more ambitious on a different platform, Avatarify will turn into Albert Einstien or Mona Lisa for Zoom calls. But what if you could bring an AI conversation to life? Say, by talking to ChatGPT as if OpenAI’s AI was a CGI person talking to you on a video call?
Well, that’s now possible. Call Annie is an app that turns ChatGPT into Annie, a talking female avatar that doesn’t look like a glitchy visual mess. Developed by Animato.Ai, the app is currently exclusive to iOS 16, but you can also use it on macOS 13 machines with an M-series processor inside.

A ChatGPT-powered video call in action
Another limitation is that you need at least the iPhone 12 or a later model to start a video call with Annie because the real-time conversion of linguistic prompts into visual cues draws power from Apple’s Neural Engine.
The app’s makers claim that talking to Annie “face-to-face in real time time feels more natural and faster than typing and reading text.” So far, the sample videos we have seen on social media, like the one above, show a fairly convincing video call interface.
Right now, Annie appears to be pretty good at holding a fluent conversation, even though the voice sounds robotic, and the phrase pausing could also use some work. The answers, however, are typical of the answers you would get while texting back-and-forth with ChatGPT. And given enough time and improved voice training, Call Annie interactions can become a lot more natural-sounding.
It all brings back memories of the sci-fi flick Her, in which Joaquin Phoenix’s character falls in love with one such AI. One user asked on Reddit whether Annie can have a “memory” system that will turn it into a smarter “friend,” to which the app developers replied with “soon.”
This is only the beginning for Annie
Users who have tried the app note that it occasionally flubs the pronunciation of words, but once corrected, it also learns right away. One user described this experience as “scary stuff.”Another issue it has is with pronouncing words in languages other than English, something that the developers are trying to fix.
Thanks to its ChatGPT smarts, the app’s developers say it can help you with everything from learning and web searches to serving as a tour guide or even a virtual companion. We don’t know if it’s as smart as other virtual partner apps like Replika, but considering the fact that Annie is based on ChatGPT (and its vast data training model), you can have a significantly deeper and fact-driven conversation with Annie.
Animato’s App Store description notes that the AI keeps all conversations “confidential” but hasn’t specified what kind of security measures have been put in place and whether it uses the user conversations for training and refining Annie’s systems.

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These new details for the iPhone 15 Pro come from newly detailed CAD renders from MFi (Made for iPhone) accessory makers. This is important to note since accessory makers need to have such information ahead of time in order to produce products to go with the new devices beforehand.

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