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You can now see public transportation options in Paris within Apple Maps

paris day without cars at night
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No need to delay planning your trip to Paris any longer. Apple Maps has finally brought the city into the 21st century — at least insofar as your sense of direction (or lack thereof) is concerned. Over the weekend, the iEmpire added transit options to Maps for the French capital, which means that you can now determine how to get from the Eiffel Tower to your hotel via public transportation.

Much as you can in Google Maps, Apple now allows you to find subway, RER and bus lines, and Transilien lines in the app. If you tap on any given station, you can see all the options for arrivals and departures, and real-time information about impending departures. This, for the record, isn’t something that Google Maps currently has available to offer.

And as another added benefit (exclusive to Apple), you can see all station entrances in Apple Maps, so you don’t have to wander around the vicinity wondering how you get underground or to the right stop.

While public transportation options have been available in U.S. cities since 2015, Apple has been slower to roll this feature out across the world. In fact, of the major world capitals, only Berlin, Prague, and a few cities in the U.K. have Transit options already.

That said, Apple does have a few other perks in its Maps app. If you’re an Apple Watch owner, you’ll be pleased to know that your wearable will vibrate with distinct vibration patterns to tell you which way to turn once you’ve reached an intersection. That means no more walking around with your face glued to your phone. And if you’re in Paris, you can find Autolib car-sharing stations, and Vélib bike-sharing stations, too. Alas, you won’t be able to see whether there are spaces or bikes available, but you can’t have it all.

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