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Having trouble with Apple Music on your iPad? Here’s how to fix it

If you’ve recently updated your iPad to OS 8.4 and were excited to try out Apple Music, you may run into some trouble. It turns out that, for many users (including us,) Apple Music doesn’t look the same on their iPad as it does on their iPhone … at least not initially. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix: Power your iPad down, and then power it back on. Once you’ve done this, features and options that were once missing will finally be available.

After prompting your iPad for an update to iOS 8.4, it will download, prepare, and install the update, restarting the device in the process. You would think, then, that Apple Music should be good to go at this point. Unfortunately, you’ll likely notice that the ‘For You,’ and ‘Now’ options are missing. Instead, ‘Playlists’ will be broken out into its own option, rather than being folded in to ‘My Music’ as it should be. Compare the two screen shots below. On the left is what the screen may initially look like after an update to iOS 8.4, on the left is what the screen should look like, which requires a restart of the iPad:

Others have noticed this issue, and are participating in threads at Apple’s support community forums. Some have tried closing the app from the taskbar, while others have suggested checking setting to make sure Settings > Music > Show Apple Music is set to ‘ON.’ However, in our experience, shutting the iPad down and restarting it is the only guaranteed way to solve the problem.

Chalk it up to just one more instance where the tech support answer to your problem is “restart the device.” Funny how often that works. Still, the question remains: Why?

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