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Apple's redesigned App Store brings cleaner look puts new apps front and center

apple new app store redesign
For the first time since its launch, Apple has completely redesigned the App Store experience on iOS — meaning that not only will it be easier for you to find and download apps, but it should also make for a cleaner experience in general.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the new App Store is the addition of several new tabs. Notably, the App Store will now have a “today” tab, which will show the latest apps to hit the Store, and make it easier to discover new content.

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Today isn’t the only tab that will be part of the redesigned store. The App Store will also now feature a “Games” tab, which will allow you to see the latest and greatest games to hit the App Store. You can even get a little more granular than that by being able to also see a particular kind of game.

The pages for individual apps have also gotten a redesign — making for a much cleaner and nicer-looking App Store. From the pages, you’ll be able to quickly and easily see information you need about an app before you download it, as well as user reviews. Now, you can see if an app is all it’s hyped up to be before downloading it.

The update is a welcome change to the App Store. According to Apple, a massive 180 billion apps have been installed since the launch of the App Store, and Apple has paid out a whopping $70 billion to developers.

The App Store update was announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday, but  it wasn’t the only big announcement — the company also showed off new versions of iOS, WatchOS, and MacOS. In general, WWDC is one of Apple’s biggest shows of the year — and you can keep up with all of our WWDC coverage here.

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