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Apple's store opening in Miami promises 'something special' for attendees

apple openings miami storefront feat
Apple has a trio of new store openings taking place this month and it wants as many Apple fans as possible to attend. If you happen to be in the downtown Miami, area on March 25, it might be worth checking it out. Other outlets will be opening up on the same day in Schildergasse, Germany and Nanjing, China.

Apple store openings are typically rather impressive affairs, and these are likely to be no different. Both the Schildergasse and Jinmao,  Nanjing store openings have a number of events and workshops planned around the release (thanks 9to5Mac) and the Miami store is expected to be much the same.

Each store is set to open up for the first time at 10 a.m. local time on March 25 and Apple has invites on each of the respective store pages, encouraging people to attend. Indeed Apple claims that at the Bricknell, Miami store, there will be “something special in store,” for anyone attending.

That store in particular is a big one. When it opens it will be the largest in the entire state of Florida, which is impressive considering there are a total of 18 spread across the state. That also means it will have more on offer than the new shopfronts opening up in Germany and China. The Nanjing outlet will stay open the longest though, until 9:30 at night, even on a Sunday.

What will be interesting to note is how much these new stores have borrowed from some of the more innovative stores elsewhere in the world. Apple’s flagship store in Milan, Italy for example, features a redesigned store spase, with much more wood used in its construction and a giant screen at the rear.

The next store Apple opens could well be one of its most important. We learned in January that it planned to open up an outlet right in the heart of Samsung country: Seoul, South Korea.

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