Take note: Apple may add Pencil stylus support to 2019 iPhone models

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There are further rumors Apple may add support for the Apple Pencil stylus to its 2019 iPhone range. A research note from analysts at Citi Research is the latest to hint at the feature, stating it will be part of the new models we’re expecting to launch later on this year. It’s not the first time we’ve heard about this, and the rumor of Pencil support on the iPhone began before the iPhone XS and XS Max were released in 2018.

Even Apple CEO Tim Cook added fuel to the Pencil fire by gushing over what was possible with an Apple Pencil when used on an iPad or an iPhone, in an interview back in 2016 — just a year after the first Apple Pencil was released. While it was most likely a simple slip of the tongue, it’s hardly an isolated incident.

For artists using a tablet, the stylus makes sense. On a smartphone, less so, especially one with software expertly designed for finger control like iOS. However, prolific note-takers and small-screen artists will likely rejoice over the prospect of Pencil support on the next iPhone. Since the first version in 2015, the Apple Pencil has been updated to include magnetic charging and storage, improved gesture controls, and even an option to have your choice of engraving on the tip. The second-generation Apple Pencil operates with the latest iPad Pro tablets.

Adding the feature to the iPhone is something Apple has clearly considered before, given the number of rumors surrounding it, but the competition may influence its decision to introduce it in 2019. On August 7, Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 10, a smartphone defined by its stylus, and a feature Samsung has no intention of giving up on. The Galaxy Note 10 promises to be a seriously powerful phone, with a wide range of exciting new features, but the stylus still singles it out as almost unique on the market. Adding Pencil support to the next generation of iPhone models may sound like a small thing, but it does take away a point of differentiation for Samsung and its big-hitter product for the second half of 2019, important considering Samsung’s lead over Apple in market share.

It’s not the only iPad technology that may find its way onto a future iPhone either. Rumors recently spread that the 120Hz display used on the iPad Pro may be adapted for use on the 2020 iPhone. However, Apple Pencil support on the 2019 iPhone is far from official, and given how many times it has been spoken about before, there’s no guarantee it will arrive this year. For now, it’s speculation, and we’ll keep you updated.

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