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Apple Slashing TV-Pricing Down for iPad

ipad-moviesApple Inc. is talking with television networks again, but this time the company is asking for a lower price tag on TV shows for its new iPad tablet. The Wall Street Journal reported today that the Apple has already been testing the popularity of TV episodes on iTunes with a 99 cent price tag. So far Wonder Showzen, Celebrity Paranormal Project and Children’s Hospital are featured for 99 at the iTunes store, and apparently there are much more to come. The WSJ also notes that some television shows will be free.

These new pricing developments are all part of Apple’s elaborate plan to broaden its iTunes service. The WSJ says that the pricing talks are not over yet for the Cupertino based company, but very few details of who it is in talks with have been revealed. It appears that even after the iPad launch, Apple is still trying to get its media content in order—and it better hurry. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been promoting this device all around town as a media and entertainment device, but has had little luck luring potential television networks to the iPad. Lowering the price in iTunes will definitely appeal to the masses of future iPad buyers, but perhaps not as much with the actual networks.

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