Apple lands patent for street view maps that let you virtually enter buildings

6XkKgPfqASRemember when Apple threw away Google Maps as its default mapping service and instead implemented its own? We saw Madison Square Garden turn into an actual park, bridges just drop off midair, and major landmarks disappear entirely. It was a complete disaster, and left people bemoaning their decision to upgrade to iOS 6.

Well hold your collective breaths. A new patent from Apple shows that it’s looking to take on Google’s infamous Street View.

According to the patent, instead of clicking to move in any which direction, as you would on Street View, Apple’s version would simply require you to tilt your device in the desired direction and it will respond. Whether it will do a “fast forward” as happens in Street View, or a smooth transition, which Apple is fond of, we’re not sure.

However, the coolest part, if Apple can manage to pull it off, is the potential option to not just walk up and down streets, past buildings, but to actually virtually ENTER buildings. (We foresee a lot of legal undertaking to pull that part off…but we sure hope they do!)

What’s more is that, users will be able to pair their device with another (two phones or two tablets) in order to further expand the view they’re seeing. This could be especially beneficial when navigating to beautiful vistas, allowing users to take in the whole thing in one fell swoop.

It’s really exciting, and if Apple can successfully pull this off, it’ll be giving Google, long considered the go-to source for mapping ever since it outdid MapQuest years ago, a run for its money.