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Apple is now showing third-party repair stores on its online support website

iPhone Apple Store Line
Apple wants to make it easy for you to get your phone or computer repaired. Its online support system, which allows you to book appointments, goes a long way in doing that. Now, however, Apple is going a step further — by including third-party repair stores in that online system.

The change is small, but it is welcome. If you ever had to get an Apple device repaired, you know the wait time can run for weeks, not to mention the fact that it’s expensive to have Apple repair devices.

Of course, it’s only authorized repair locations that will show up in the database — authorized service providers are the stores that have been assessed by Apple and are able to do both AppleCare repairs and fixes that are out of warranty.

On top of showing all authorized repair stores, the new support site will also show availability — meaning you can compare all the locations near you to find where you will get the quickest repair. You will also be able to book a repair from the website.

The new site features will be welcome for both customers and third-party repair stores, many of which will be able to provide some relief for the Apple Stores that are unable to keep up with repair demands. As MacRumors notes, for example, San Francisco Apple Stores aren’t able to provide appointments until next week, but stores like Best Buy can offer repairs on the same day or the following one.

Sure, third-party repair stores may not offer the same fancy interior as the Apple Store, but when your iPhone is broken, it doesn’t really matter what the store looks like.

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