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Apple Talks iPad Pricing


Steve Jobs joked today about the rumored iPad price of $999—you know, that pesky sweet spot that allows a device to be called “under $1000.” Well in true Apple-fashion, Jobs announced there are different configurations of this device—providing the public with a range of prices as well, with the iPad starting at $499. The 16GB version is retailing for $499, the 32GB is retailing for $599, and the 64GB version will be retailing for $699—all of these include WI-Fi. Good job Apple, we’re proud of you for giving the new iPad a decent price range.

Now, the iPad models with Wi-Fi and 3G will cost a little more—so $499 for 16GB of iPad. That’s our base model. 3G models cost an extra $130 making the 16GB $629, the 32GB $729, and the 64GB $829. Jobs says the Wi-Fi/non-3G models will ship in 60 days and the 3G models will ship in 90 days.

Now we know why Apple was all defensive of AT&T– they made a deal to offer unlimited 3G data on the iPad for $29.99 a month, or on a 250MB plan for half that at $14.99 a month.


Images provided by Engadget.

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