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Apple item trackers found in iOS 13: How will the Tile competitor work?

Apple is reportedly working on item trackers that will function similar to Tile products, and code showing how they will work was found in an internal build of iOS 13.

The tags are codenamed B389 within Apple and will be integrated into iOS 13’s Find My app, which consolidates Find My iPhone and Find My Friends, according to MacRumors.

MacRumors found an Items tab in the Find My app, through which users will be able to track the location of their tagged items. The tab is not available in public betas of iOS 13.

According to the code, users will be notified if they are separated from a tagged item. They may then tap a button in the Find My app that will make the item tracker emit a sound, to make it easier to find it. The notification, however, will not appear if the item is left in predetermined Safe Locations.

If the item is lost, the tag may be placed in Lost Mode. If another iPhone owner finds the lost item, they will receive the contact information of the owner, who will also be notified.

Further digging by MacRumors into the code revealed that Apple’s item trackers will also utilize augmented reality. The internal build of iOS 13 includes assets for a 3D red balloon, which may be viewed through the iPhone’s camera when looking for a tagged item.

In addition, there is code that suggests Apple’s item trackers will feature replaceable button cell batteries. Before the battery runs out, the tag will send its final location to the user.

MacRumors also found an image of a small, circular tag with an Apple logo in the center in the internal build of iOS 13. The image looks like the one shared in April by 9to5Mac, which was the first to reveal plans for the Tile competitor, but it remains unclear if this will be the item tracker’s final design.

MacRumors said that the internal build of iOS 13 that it viewed was from June, so there may already be changes to the feature. The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system is expected to launch with the new iPhones in the company’s annual September event, but it is unclear if the item trackers will also be unveiled there.

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