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Apple kicks off Watch OS 7 public beta

Apple has released its first public beta for the Apple Watch OS 7.

In addition to Apple’s annual public betas of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS, the Apple Watch will debut its first public beta this year. Its newest feature is Apple’s sleep tracking, which has been added as an onboarding feature. Unlike other third-party apps, Apple’s sleep tracking technology focuses less on sleep content and more on bedtime routines and schedules. The new OS also includes additional watch faces, face sharing, aging fitness levels, and a handwashing tracker.

If your Apple Watch is a Series 1 or 2, don’t get too excited. The new OS can only be supported by an Apple Watch Series 3 or higher, although there are several features exclusive to the new series 5 model.

How to get the Apple Watch OS 7 public beta

No need to wait. The Watch OS 7 public beta is available for download right now. Most developers suggest downloading betas on devices separate from your main ones, to prevent glitches that disable primary hardware. First, take the iPhone paired with your watch and back it up. All iPhone backups include backups of synced watches, which means your information will be saved in case of glitches.

Then, user your Apple ID to create a beta account at Once you’ve enrolled and downloaded the public beta profile, your device will need to be rebooted.

Once your device has been backed up and rebooted, go back to the beta Apple site. It’s important that you pick the watchOS page instead of the iOS beta, as you don’t want to accidentally choose the new iPhone beta. Next, go to your iPhone’s Profiles & Developments page, under the general page in settings, and install the watchOS 7 public beta profile.

Finally, update your account, and your Apple Watch will be ready to go! You’ll be able to enjoy the new features, and hopefully avoid any glitches along the way.

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