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Apple Watch Series 7 rumors point toward design refresh and bigger screen

The upcoming Apple Watch will have a new design for the first time in years, according to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman. In his Power On newsletter, Gurman describes the Apple Watch Series 7’s new design as having “a flatter display and edges, a faster processor, and slightly larger screens.” A new display would be a refreshing change for the Apple Watch, which hasn’t had an upgrade since the Series 4 with its edge-to-edge display.

The Series 7 will have a faster processor, according to Gurman, but isn’t expected to have any health-focused upgrades. The last major health upgrade brought with it a blood-oxygen sensor, and it’s possible that a future Series 8 upgrade will include a body-temperature sensor.

Apple Watch Series 6
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The display is getting a 1mm bump in size, from 40x44mm to 41x45mm. To take advantage of the extra real estate, Apple will bundle multiple new watch faces, including an updated Infograph Modular face. This is the second time Apple has increased the size of the Apple Watch display.

Recent Apple products, like the current generation of iPhones and iPads, have leaned away from rounded bezels. The Series 7 will probably continue that design trend with a flatter display and edges. Previous leaks from Jon Prosser suggest the Apple Watch may soon be available in new colors, including a mint green that matches the AirPods Max.

Apple Event rumored for September 2021

Every Apple Watch except for the first generation has been released in September, so it’s likely the Series 7 will be announced at the upcoming Apple Event  rumored for September 14.

What other innovations could we see at this event? According to Gurman, the new iPad Mini will have thinner borders and may not have a Home button. The MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are also slated for an upgrade that may include the faster M1X chip. As for an iPhone upgrade, the iPhone 13 may include a faster A15 chip and a display that’s better for battery life. In addition, iPhone 13 pre-orders are expected to open September 17

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