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Jeb Bush just discovered the Apple Watch can make phone calls

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President Obama may have cemented his position as the most technologically savvy leader to date, but some of the candidates looking to succeed him may not garner that same reputation. Despite giving the Apple Watch a relatively detailed review last year in an interview with Buzzfeed, we’ve now learned that Jeb Bush probably wasn’t qualified to be passing any judgment on the smartwatch. As it turns out, Bush only recently found out that the Apple Watch does, in fact, make calls. And how can you call yourself an Apple superfan if you don’t even have all your product specs straight?

Bush’s blind spot on Apple Watch functionality is made all the more entertaining by the fact that he has long expressed his love for the iEmpire, and has touted his Apple Watch all across the campaign trail. But clearly, he’s been missing out on a core component of the wearable’s functionality. On Wednesday, Bush made an amazing discovery when he accidentally answered a call on his Apple Watch during a meeting with the editorial board of the Des Moines Register. Luckily, USA Today was there to videotape and tweet about the whole thing, whereupon Bush said, “My watch can’t be talking,” only to discover that it, in fact, can. Well, at least, someone can talk through it.

“That’s the coolest thing in the world,” Bush commented, after telling the caller he’d have to speak later. While the GOP candidate later said that he knew the Watch could ring, he’d never actually used it to take a phone call. “I’ve never had my bat phone turned on,” he joked to the journalists present. But now, maybe that’s all he’ll ever use to answer the phone.

Of course, the former Floridian governor still has other issues with the Apple Watch he needs to iron out, namely its actual name — he still seems to prefer to call the wearable the iWatch, which would make sense, but simply isn’t right. So keep on making new discoveries, good sir. You never know what you’ll learn today.

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