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This iPhone case stinks, but in a good way

aromacase iphone perfume case kickstarter
There’s a dizzying array of multi-purpose iPhone cases available. We’ve seen ones with solar charging panels, those that build your biceps, and even ones with a built-in stun gun. However, what’s missing is one that makes us smell nice. Until, that is, the AromaCase wafted on to Kickstarter. In addition to protecting your iPhone, it contains a small spray bottle of perfume, ensuring you’re adequately prepared for any spritzing emergencies.

The AromaCase houses a rubberised plastic cartridge which holds 20ml of perfume, that’s dispensed by pressing a button on top of the case. There’s a locking mechanism to prevent unwanted misting of your pocket or bag, and the cartridge is tough enough to withstand some punishment, making sure it’s you, rather than the phone, that gets to smell pleasant.

While the case comes in either white or black, the campaign fails to mention which perfumes will be available for the AromaCase. It merely described the scents as “favorites.” This is a pretty important aspect, because perfume is a very personal choice, and many of us will have a preferred scent. If it’s not available for the case, it could be very disappointing. The company behind the AromaCase will be selling cartridges for the case through its website, and they’ll start at $5.

The case will be available for the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and the iPhone 6; but the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 5C aren’t mentioned. If you’re quick, the iPhone 6 version can be grabbed for $40. If you miss out on the early bird offer, the price increases to $50, while the iPhone 5/5S version costs $40. Weirdly, the decision has been taken not to include a perfume with any of the cases, making you pay more if you actually want to make use of it.

You can back the campaign on Kickstarter right now, and should the ambitious $35,000 goal be met, then you can expect to hold an iPhone case that’ll make you smell a bit sweeter around May next year.

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