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Asus quotes Bruce Lee as it teases new Transformer hardware, set to be revealed at Computex 2012

Asus Computex 2012 Teaser

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Asus has released a short teaser video on YouTube, preparing the waiting masses for a new entry into its Transformer range, which will be revealed during Computex 2012.

The video runs a brief 43-seconds and features many clouds, music almost certainly described as “inspirational and dramatic” by the marketing folk, and a voice-over reading the on-screen words. Unusually, but perhaps rather fittingly, it opens with a quote from Bruce Lee, who said “don’t get set in one form, adapt it and build your own.”

It’s a teaser video, so it doesn’t give much away, with the main message coming at the end of the clip and saying “join us as we introduce the truly incredible next transformations.” No, it doesn’t make sense to us either.

An outline of a screen and keyboard, crucially separated where they would normally join together, appears behind the words “next transformations;” suggesting we’re to be treated to another Eee Pad Transformer product.

Asus has also updated its Facebook page, adding a picture advertising the company’s appearance at the Computex show, with the tagline “incredible innovation, endless possibilities.”

So what can we expect? The video makes several references to cloud technology, so perhaps Asus will be introducing its own online storage and syncing service (as is the fashion at the moment) to tie all its products together.

On the hardware side, we’re still waiting for a release date for the Eee Pad Transformer Infinity, which was launched at Mobile World Congress in February, and one for the Padfone too. However, neither of these products need teasing, but could be included in Asus’ list of announcements at the show.

Asus already has a range of Android-based Transformer tablets, so could this be a teaser for a Windows 8-based Transformer? That would certainly make it much more interesting, and Asus has already hinted that it’s working on an ARM-based tablet for Microsoft’s new operating system.

The video closes by saying there is more to come on May 31, and the URL it lists has space for a further three videos, all set to be filled on that day. The Computex Taipei show runs from June 5 to June 9 this year.

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