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The champ is back: New Asus ROG Phone 6 is coming on July 5

The gaming phone champion is coming back on July 5. Asus will hold an online launch event to introduce the new Asus ROG Phone 6, the latest version in what is arguably the best gaming-first smartphone range available. It has been more than a year since the ROG Phone 5 was released, so a sequel is a little overdue. Here’s what Asus has in store for us.

Asus has chosen the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor for the phone, an expected move and a possible reason for the phone’s slightly longer than expected gestation period. The screen will be made by Samsung and have a 165Hz refresh rate, up from 144Hz on the ROG Phone 5 and higher than the 120Hz on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The size of the screen isn’t known at this time, but expect it to be around the same 6.78-inch size as the previous model.

A “space-inspired look” is being teased regarding the design, as are unique features that will enhance gameplay on the phone. Outside of the phone itself, Asus says to expect a range of accessories and gaming headphones to go along with the ROG Phone 6, and it’s these that keep Asus’s gaming phone ahead of the pack.

For the last few versions, Asus has delivered a collection of gaming peripherals including controllers and accessories to connect your phone to a television or monitor. They’re never cheap, but they add so much extra to the overall experience and turn what could just be another powerful phone into the hub of a mobile gaming center. It may even put it all inside another suitcase for the hardcore fan.

On that subject, we’ll be looking out to see if Asus also has a sequel to the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate. The limited edition phone swapped the RGB lighting on the back of the standard ROG Phone 5 for a small screen and bumped the specs up to include a whopping 18GB of RAM. It remains a very cool phone, and we’re definitely hoping for a new version.

Asus will reveal the ROG Phone 6 on July 5 during an online event held at 5 a.m. PT/ 8 a.m. ET, and 1 p.m. BST if you’re in the U.K. We’ll have all the news for you on the day.

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