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AT&T Prepaid officially launches, offering new customers 2 months of free service

If you’re looking for a simple and cheap prepaid plan, AT&T might be your best option. The carrier announced the official launch of AT&T PrePaid — previously known as AT&T GoPhone — on Wednesday. While the rebrand comes with a new name, the company assures customers the service, network, and plan prices remain the same.

The plans — which require no annual contract — consist of unlimited data for $65 and 6GB of high-speed data for $45. Both plans also include unlimited talk and text within and between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, as well as roaming in Mexico and Canada for talk, text, and data. Other perks are listed on the site.

The cheapest plan costs $35 for 1GB of data, and includes unlimited talk and text in the U.S., unlimited text to more than 100 countries, and eligibility for a multiline discount — which allows you to save money per month when you add your friends and family to your account. As for additional savings, customers can take $5 off all plans if they agree to enroll for AutoPay.

The carrier is also offering new customers two months of free wireless service — for a limited time — under the $60 and $40 prepaid plans if they activate and keep a new line of service. Customers will receive credit after three months of use and again for the 12th month.

It’s clear that cheap unlimited data plans are the one way carriers have been battling it out to lure customers in. Up until the end of June, Sprint offered one year of unlimited data service for free if you switched from your current carrier. Compared to plans from other major carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, it was the cheapest plan on the market for unlimited data.

Even though a free year of data is enticing, it might not outweigh Sprint’s infamous track record when it comes to coverage and speed — especially in light of last year’s OpenSignal report. Another concern is its potentially shaky future, with reports out there about a potential merger with Comcast or T-Mobile.

If you are looking for more stable and reliable coverage, AT&T’s prepaid plans — especially 1 GB for $35 — could be the next cheapest option for unlimited talk and text under a strong network.

Update: AT&T officially launched AT&T Prepaid — formally known as AT&T GoPhone. The carrier is also offering new customers two months of free service under the prepaid plans.

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