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AT&T offers open enrollment for customers who want to insure their devices

att extends period for customers to insure devices broken phone 4
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Buying insurance for your smartphone or tablet gives you some peace of mind that you might not have without it. AT&T wants to extend that peace of mind by offering a second chance to those who didn’t give it a go the first time around.

Normally, AT&T customers are only able to buy insurance for their devices within 30 days after activation or an upgrade. However, from March 1 through April 30, customers will be able to insure their smartphones or tablets, even if that 30-day period already expired.

In total, AT&T customers have three insurance options to pick from, the most extensive being the Multi-Device Protection Pack. With the plan, which goes for $30 a month, up to three smartphones or tablets can be covered, with ProTech providing any support you might need with the devices. The plan also covers devices not connected to AT&T’s network, such as Wi-Fi tablets and laptops, though your primary device will need to be connected to AT&T’s network.

Moving down the price ladder brings us to the Mobile Protection Pack, which goes for $11 a month. For this plan, only one smartphone or tablet is covered, though the plan also gives you ProTech customer support and 50GB of cloud storage. Finally, the $7-a-month Mobile Insurance plan also offers coverage for just one smartphone or tablet, but without the ProTech goodies.

Regardless of which insurance plan you opt for, they all cover loss, theft, accidental damage, and out-of-warranty malfunctions. Keep in mind that, as with all other insurance plans of any kind, there are deductibles to pay in the event you’ll actually need to use the insurance, though discounts are available if you remain claim-free for six or more consecutive months.

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