AT&T Goes Biblical on Network Improvement

Frustrated with dropped calls, slow Internet speeds and spotty service on AT&T? Apparently the pearly gates are blocking reception. AT&T CTO John Donovan and concedes that it has some issues, and claims the company will “move Heaven and Earth” in the coming years to meet growing data needs.

The exec addressed concerns over AT&T’s network quality at VentureBeat’s MobileBeat 2010 conference in San Francisco on Monday. According to Donovan, wave after wave of modern smartphones with different chipsets and applications has broken its old methods of network testing, and the parts needed to improve ailing patches aren’t always readily available.

The company will need to get its act together in a hurry, if its own internal predictions turn out to be correct. According to Donovan, we’re only in the first stage of wireless data usage, the “traditional data world,” to be followed by a second stage of application readiness and a third of point-to-point video, arriving somewhere around 2014. The data usage of 2008, he claims, will look a raindrop in a monsoon by comparison.

That’s hardly surprising, considering that even in today’s smartphone-saturated market, a third of smartphone users don’t even have a data plan.

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