AT&T Launches Windows Start Service

AT&T Wireless and Microsoft Corp. today launched the Windows Mobile Start Service for customers of the Motorola MPx200 phone. The new Windows Mobile Start Service is a Microsoft Web service thatpowers an AT&T Wireless Web site where customers can easily and quickly configure their Motorola MPx200 to access personal and work e-mail, mobile-optimized Web sites, free ring tones, homescreens, and applications such as games. Customer selections are automatically sent to the phone over the air.

“The Windows Mobile Start Service offers a fast and easy way for AT&T Wireless customers to start enjoying terrific new services and capabilities on the Windows Mobile software platform,” said Vince Mendillo, director of the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft. “By combining an innovative and convenient over-the-air setup with a familiar Web-based interface, customers can be more self-sufficient and minimize the need for placing support calls.”

“This service is the latest collaboration between Microsoft and AT&T Wireless aimed at enhancing the wireless experience of today’s mobile professionals,” said Abhi Ingle, vice president of business data solutions for AT&T Wireless. “We’ve made it simple for customers to get the most out of their Motorola MPx200 with this unique personalization feature.”

Motorola MPx200 customers benefit from the combination of AT&T Wireless’ high- speed GSM/GPRS data network and the Windows Mobile software platform, which combines voice calling with the ability to synchronize with PC data, such as Outlook® information, and run software and services that greatly expand the utility of the phone. The Windows Mobile Start Service brings additional value to AT&T Wireless customers by providing one convenient location where they can configure and personalize the following:

  • E-mail. Customers can easily configure their Outlook e-mail or POP3/IMAP account from their Internet service provider.
  • Internet Favorites. Customers can personalize the look and feel of their Motorola MPx200 with a selection of free polyphonic ring tones and home screens.
  • Ring tone & Home screens. Personalize the look and feel of their Motorola MPx200 with a selection of free polyphonic ring tones and home screens.
  • Applications. Customers can extend the functionality of their phone and have fun by downloading free software, including games.