AT&T Mobile Share plans will launch August 23

AT&T Mobile Share plans graphic

The date has been confirmed. AT&T’s Mobile Share plans will be fully operational on Thursday, August 23. They come just in time for the back to school rush. The plans are ideal for families as they combine unlimited talk minutes and unlimited texts with a shared pot of mobile data. You can get the full lowdown in our AT&T’s Mobile Share plans explained article.

These new plans from AT&T are an obvious attempt to compete with Verizon’s Share Everything plans which are already available. If you’re wondering how these offerings from the two rival companies measure up you can check out AT&T Mobile Share vs. Verizon Share Everything: Wireless plans compared for a full analysis.

Despite introducing the new plans, AT&T won’t be ditching the old lineup. The current range of AT&T plans will continue to be available for existing and new customers. If you’re not sure whether the new plans will benefit you then you can always try AT&T’s Mobile Share tool which will estimate your current data usage and suggest the best plan for you.

In simple terms, the more you share (from 1GB to 20GB), the more you save (assuming, you are okay sharing a smaller amount of data over a large number of devices). Initially you’ll be able to sign up by calling AT&T or at any AT&T retail store. Online sign up will be available shortly after launch.