AT&T’s Rollover Data is like T-Mobile’s Data Stash, but much worse

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As part of its continuing Uncarrier initiative, T-Mobile announced Data Stash, which gives most T-Mobile customers the ability to rollover data from month to month. In other words, any unused data is added on top of the following month’s data allowance. As a counter, AT&T has announced a rollover data program of its own, but it’s not nearly as enticing.

Called Rollover Data, the program only applies for the carrier’s new and existing Mobile Share Value customers. Its implementation is pretty similar to T-Mobile’s: Any data you don’t use by the end of your billing period gets added to the next one. There is no additional cost to having Rollover Data, so there is no need to sign up, since it’s automatically done.

There is one huge catch, however. While T-Mobile lets you save up data for a year before it goes extinct, any unused data for AT&T expires after one billing period. In other words, you can’t save up more than two month’s worth of data. Doesn’t exactly compare favorably to T-Mobile’s implementation, does it?

AT&T’s Rollover Data begins on January 25, with customers being able to track their unused data through the myAT&T app or AT&T’s website.

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