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AT&T opens up Android, allows users to download Amazon Appstore


According to Android Central, beginning today, AT&T will push updates to “select” Android phones that enable non-market installations. Until now, AT&T has disabled Android’s ability to download apps from the Web or a computer, restricting users to the Android Market. This meant that Amazon’s Appstore, which can only be downloaded from the Web, was unavailable for Android users on AT&T.

Users of the HTC Inspire 4G and Samsung Captivate should keep an eye out for the update. The new Smasung Infuse 4G is shipping with this feature enabled.

We’re excited to see AT&T finally embrace some of the open features inherent in Android. Now, if only the carrier would stop charging extra for tethering and industry-high fees for data, we’d be set. For Inspire 4G and Captivate owners, check out the Amazon Appstore. It offers a free game or app every day. Today’s free game is Chuzzle, a PopCap classic.

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