AT&T Quickfire

Given the choice between touch-screen phones like the iPhone and those with full QWERTY keyboards like the T-Mobile Sidekick, there’s one option that never disappoints: both. AT&T is betting that consumers will snap up the middle option with its AT&T Quickfire, which it announced on Tuesday.

Much like Sprint’s HTC Touch Diamond Pro and the highly anticipated T-Mobile G1, the Quickfire boasts both a an enormous touch-screen up front and a roomy QWERTY keyboard within, doubling up input options for those who can’t quite decide whether they would rather spit out 100 word per minute on a mini keyboard or play games with their fingers on a touch screen.

Though AT&T hasn’t yet released full specs on the multi-tasker (which some suspect will look less than flattering on the scale) we know that it will also come with the all-important 3G Internet access , and hook up with both Napster Mobile and eMusic Mobile, giving it some potential as a viable music machine.

AT&T plans to launch the phone in November, just in time to run against its nearest competitors for Christmas. It will debut in orange, lime and silver, and sell for $100 after a two-year contract and mail-in rebate. More information can be found in AT&T’s official press release for the phone.

AT&T QuickFire
Image Courtesy of AT&T