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Goodbye, roaming fees: AT&T bids them adieu for Mexico and Canada

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If you are planning a summer getaway to either Mexico or Canada, then you might be glad to know that AT&T will soon eliminate roaming charges when you’re in either country.

To be clear, if you have an existing Mobile Share Value plan with 15GB or more of data, AT&T will throw in a Mexico roaming feature. This feature grants customers unlimited calling, texting, and data usage in and between Mexico and the U.S. In addition, if you have or plan to buy an Unlimited Plan, you will be granted unlimited calling, texting, and data while in Mexico and Canada, or between either country and the U.S.

Business customers are not left out of the fold, either, as AT&T will include the new roaming features in Mobile Share Value plans with 15GB or greater of data. Furthermore, business customers will automatically receive the Mexico roaming feature if they activate new Mobile Select plans priced $20 per month or higher.

If you want to take advantage of AT&T’s new Mexico and Canada roaming features, there are a few things to keep in mind. For one, if you are an Unlimited Plan customer and want the aforementioned features, you will need to either call AT&T or go to your myAT&T online account. From there, make sure to add the AT&T Roam North America feature to each smartphone and the Roam North America Data feature to each tablet. Mobile Share Value customers will not need to take these steps, as the roaming features will be automatically added.

Secondly, AT&T’s Mexico and Canada roaming features will not cost a penny, as both features will be offered at no additional charge to the customer. Finally, the roaming features will be available starting May 20 for regular and business customers.

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