AT&T extends its Rollover Data program to include some of its prepaid customers

Up until now, AT&T’s Rollover Data program only included new and existing Mobile Share Value customers. However, AT&T announced that some of its prepaid customers can now take advantage of the program.

Customers on the $45 a month GoPhone plan will be included in Rollover Data when it renews on May 15, while those on the $60 a month plan will have to wait until it renews on June 16. The $45 a month plan includes unlimited talk and text, alongside 1.5GB of 4G data. The $60 a month plan, meanwhile, ups the monthly data allotment to 4GB.

Thanks to AT&T’s acquisitions of Mexican carriers Iusacell and Nextel Mexico, its presence in Mexico has exponentially increased. This allows the two aforementioned GoPhone plans to include unlimited texting to Mexico, as well as Canada, and over 100 other countries. In addition, the $60 a month plan includes unlimited calling to Mexico from the U.S.

Rollover Data, AT&T’s response to T-Mobile’s Data Stash, allows subscribers to save any unused data and use it for the next month. However, while Data Stash gives you a year to use that saved data, Rollover Data gives you just one month to use it. After the one month expires, so, too, does the stashed data. Much like Data Stash, Rollover Data doesn’t require additional paperwork — subscribers are automatically added into it.

Back in March, T-Mobile extended Data Stash to include those on the carrier’s Simple Choice prepaid plan. T-Mobile also gives 10GB of data for those who sign up for that prepaid plan, a proposition not matched by Rollover Data.

We’ll have to wait and see whether Verizon and Sprint will offer similar initiatives to their customers, though Republic Wireless and Google’s Project Fi take the same concept and tweak it by paying you for any unused data at the end of the month.