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AT&T’s top unlimited plan removes throttling, upgrades HBO Max to 4K

AT&T customers subscribed to the Unlimited Elite plan have reason to celebrate. The carrier announced that it is scrapping throttling regardless of data usage. The mobile hotspot data allowance still exists, but it’s been upped to 40GB from its previous 30GB.

Last but not least, the existing HBO Max subscription already included for HBO Max subscribers is beefed up to 4K UHD from standard resolution. AT&T is also emphasizing some of its security features, like ActiveArmor, which provides network security features, automatic fraud call blocking, and suspected spam risk alerts.

All these changes go into effect automatically for all Unlimited Elite subscribers. The changes seem like a clear response to moves by competitors like T-Mobile that don’t throttle Magenta Max customers on their unlimited plan and throw in a 40GB hotspot and 4K Netflix streaming.

An illustration of HBO Max on a TV.
Taylor Frint/Digital Trends Graphic

Paired with this announcement are some changes to AT&T’s International Day Pass, which is particularly timely as pandemic restrictions ease and people start traveling again. The main differences are to billing, with customers only being charged for a maximum of 10 days of service in a billing cycle, even if their actual travel time is longer. Pricing is $10/day for the first 10 days and $5/day for every additional line used during the same period, making every additional line 50% off.

The Day Pass is valid for 210 countries, on top of the existing free calling and texting to Mexico and Canada supported by current unlimited plans.

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