AT&T Wireless Extends 3G UMTS Service

From the company’s press release:

Businesses and consumers can now receive access to continuous high-speed wireless data connections and streaming video services as AT&T Wireless turns Dallas and San Diego into the newest “metropolitan hotspots.”

AT&T Wireless said its wireless broadband service gives customers the ability to use a handset, PDA or laptop to receive streaming audio and video services; create and share video clips; experience richer and more visually compelling content; and connect to critical business information, in most areas throughout these cities.

“Whether it’s the technology corridor of Dallas or the silicon seaside of San Diego, people want access to information quickly, from almost anywhere,” said Eric Updyke, vice president – 3G networks for AT&T Wireless. “Our 3G services deliver the high-speed connections and advanced wireless applications that have long been promised to customers.”

In July, AT&T Wireless began offering customers in Detroit, Phoenix, San Francisco and Seattle broadband mobile wireless services when it launched the first commercially-available true 3G UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) network in the United States.

Dallas and San Diego customers can access the new wireless broadband service using either the Motorola A845 ($299.99) or Nokia 6651 ($299.99) handsets. In addition to providing access to high-speed wireless data connections and enhanced content through AT&T Wireless’ mMode, the handsets can be used to make voice calls or access wireless data connections at speeds equivalent to standard wired dial up service, when customers travel outside the six markets.

Customers who purchase a Novatel Wireless Merlin UMTS PC modem card and sign a one-year contract for the unlimited data plan can also can purchase the device for $149.99 (after rebate.) The modem can be used to wireless access a wide range of business applications from the customers laptop.

AT&T Wireless said its wireless broadband service provides customers with average wireless data speeds between 220 and 320 kilobits-per-second (kbps), with bursts up to 384Kbps. In the future, the company noted that UMTS can be easily and cost-effectively upgraded to HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access), which is estimated to attain peak data rates up to 14.4 megabits-per-second (mbps). Additionally, AT&T Wireless offers an extensive portfolio of international GSM devices that enable its customers to use voice services in more than 140 countries and data services in more than 60 countries (with a compatible device).

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