AT&T Wireless offers $500 in credit to DirecTV users that switch

AT&T Wireless

Taking advantage of the recently approved merger between the two companies, AT&T Wireless has issued an attractive offer to subscribers of DirecTV and AT&T U-verse. If DirecTV subscribers switch their mobile service to AT&T from companies like Verizon and Sprint, new customers will receive a $300 credit on their bill for each line that’s switched over. In addition, customers will receive a $200 credit after purchasing a new smartphone utilizing the AT&T Next plan, basically covering the typical cost of a new smartphone under contract.

Describing the promotion in a statement, AT&T Mobility Chief Marketing Officer David Christopher said “This is a unique offer and unlike anything we’ve ever done – all to celebrate DIRECTV now being part of the AT&T family. This is another way we’re making it better when you choose TV and wireless from AT&T.”

Hypothetically, a family of four would receive $1,200 in bill credit for switching four lines over to AT&T as well as an additional $800 in credit if all members decided to get new smartphones and trade in their old phones. That could be very advantageous for any family that’s looking to save a bit of money on wireless service. The deal isn’t currently limited to a single household and is available to both consumers and business users.

On top of that promotion, AT&T Wireless customers can now combine their DirecTV or AT&T U-verse accounts into a single bill. Linking the accounts onto one bill will add an additional $10 discount each month, a savings of $120 over an entire year. Beyond that, AT&T and DirecTV is also offering an “All in One Plan” that gives consumers “HD and DVR service for four TV receivers, unlimited talk and text for four smartphone lines with 10GB of shareable data” for an introductory price of $200 for the first twelve months.