ATT Wirless offers SMS lookup

AT&T Wireless’ TXT-411 service offers customers the added convenience of having phone numbers, business locations, and driving directions delivered right to their wireless phone via textmessaging. The listings or directions can then be stored on the phone and recalled at any time.

For about half the cost of traditional directory assistance services, AT&T Wireless text messaging users can simply send a text message with a directory assistance query to the abbreviated number, or short code, “2411.” A message will be delivered to the user shortly thereafter with the requested listing or information.

“Today’s wireless users rely on their phones as their single source for accessing information while on the move,” said John Bunyan, senior vice president of AT&T Wireless Mobile Multimedia Services. “TXT-411 is a natural evolution of directory assistance, where direct access to national directory listings is as easy as sending a text message. Once again, we are breaking new ground and extending our leadership in the messaging arena.”

The “411” on How It Works
Directory assistance listings for individuals or businesses may be submitted using a specific name and location in the body of the TXT-411 query. The system is designed to recognize multiple entry formats when selecting a location including the city, ZIP code, airport code, phone number (for businesses only) or street address. For example, a customer interested in finding a phone listing for someone can simply type “.last name <space> first name.location” (e.g. .Smith Jane.Seattle) and send it to “2411.” To find information about a business they simply type “business name.location” (e.g. Acme Restaurant.New York) and send it to “2411.”

TXT-411 also allows for broader queries, when customers do not know the name of an individual or business. For example, a customer looking for a pizza place in Redmond, WA can simply send a text message with the query, “pizza.Redmond” to the number “2411.” TXT-411 would then return a message that includes a restaurant name, phone number, address, and menu of additional options such as driving directions. The message will also indicate if more than one listing meets the description and gives them the option to view the next listing.

“It used to be that people let their fingers do the walking to find phone numbers. Now, with this new capability from AT&T Wireless, their thumbs can do the texting,” said Bunyan.

Pricing and Availability
AT&T Wireless TXT-411 is immediately available to all post-paid customers with two-way text messaging capable handsets. Standard text messaging rates apply for queries sent to TXT-411. Customers using TXT-411 will be charged $.40 for each business or individual listing they receive, and driving directions will cost an additional $.50. There is no monthly fee associated with the TXT-411 service. For more detailed information about TXT-411, please visit