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Automatic app updates likely with Apple’s iOS 5

apple-logoIt seems to have been taken down as quickly as it was put up, but the folks at MacRumors managed to spot a note on the iTunes page where you can check for updates for your apps. It looks as if the note reveals a new feature for the operating system running on Apple’s mobile devices, possibly to be included in iOS 5 – and that’s the ability to perform automatic updates for apps.

Currently you need to perform updates manually either by connecting your mobile device to your computer, or wirelessly through the App Store – in both cases, you still need to manually set the process in motion and choose which updates you want to carry out. This new feature, should you choose to activate it, would put an end to the manual method.

Part of the text that appeared on the My App Updates screen read: “After you’ve finished downloading, sync your device to this computer to begin using your updated apps. Or if your device has Automatic Download enabled for apps, your updates will download to your device without having to sync.”

automatic app update

As MacRumors points out, the wording of the text suggests that the rumored automatic update facility may be for other things besides just apps.

No doubt all the details will be revealed this coming week at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference taking place in San Francisco. The event will center around three new products from the Cupertino company – Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud, Apple’s cloud-based music offering.

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