It won’t take you back to 1985, but this Back to the Future DeLorean iPhone case sure looks cool

Marty McFly isn’t the only one with a hot ride. The iconic DeLorean car-turned-time-machine from the classic trilogy Back to the Future is getting a second life as an iPhone case. A Japanese toy company has made an iPhone 6 case that’s an almost exact replica of the car, and it even has a bunch of cool features and effects to make it resemble the one in the movie.

When you lay your phone down on the table, it looks like you’ve got a mini time machine right there in front of you. If you open the slot on the car’s hood, you’ll reveal the iPhone’s camera. Meanwhile, the car’s side panels flip out to reveal the volume buttons and mute switch on one side, and the power button on the other. The DeLorean’s headlights even light up when you get a call or engage the flashlight app, thanks to built-in LEDs.

The case adds 41mm to the height of your iPhone, measures 160mm long, and 93mm wide, so it’s not subtle by any means. It is basically like strapping an medium-sized Hot Wheels car to the back of your iPhone 6, but it’ll look damn cool sitting on your coffee table. Of course, when you get calls, the downside is it’ll look like you’re talking into a toy car, so there is that to consider.

The DeLorean iPhone case is currently up for preorder on Bandai’s website for $50. It won’t arrive until June, though, so you’re in for a bit of a wait — unless, of course, you manage to hop into a real time machine.