Financial Town launches banking industry’s first interactive mobile video solution: BankOn Video

Thanks to the virtual reality provided by technology, interpersonal interactions are becoming less and less of a necessity. Need a doctor? No problem, see one online. Looking to buy a car? There’s a whole digital marketplace for that. And now, even the financial industry is jumping on board. Today, Financial Town launched BankOn Video, described as the banking industry’s first interactive mobile video banking solution providing face-to-face customer communication and unprecedented access to live financial professionals, sales, and service representatives.

Sure, ATMs have been around for a while now, and there are plenty of mobile banking solutions — apps, money savers, you name it. But in terms of getting sound financial advice and actually receiving some form of customer service, BankOn Video really may be blazing a new trail. The app seeks to empower consumers and credit unions alike, allowing for a robust customer experience that includes longer hours, expanded services, and immediate, personalized assistance.

“In just the past few years, data speed, affordability of consumer plans and mobile technology itself have advanced significantly,” said Financial Town founder Gene Pranger. “Now, we’re adding mobile video banking to the mix, and the result is a communication system unlike anyone has experienced. Through BankOn Video, financial institutions make way for the self-service future by becoming trusted partners with their customers, providing not only the solutions they need, but exactly when and where they want them, and in a way that exceeds their expectations.”

The BankOn app boasts a number of customer service-centric features, including Video Chat, which allows professionals to actually speak to their customers; Present, which allows service professionals to share slides or other important information in real-time with their users; Check Deposit; Document Upload; Acceptance and E-Signatures; and of course, a guarantee of Security.

Currently, Financial Town is offering a free 30-day trial of their new app for “qualifying banks and credit unions.” The goal, the team says, is to actually expand their mobile platform to a number of industries, including insurance, healthcare, hospitality, and retail. So if you’re looking for a new customer service experience when it comes to your money matters, BankOn Video may be the app for you.