Barnes & Nobles’ 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab 4 Nook boasts that bigger is better

Galaxy- Tab 4 Nook

Barnes & Noble is back with another Android tablet. It’s a step up from the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 4 Nook announced earlier this year, but mainly in terms of size. It’s the 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, and it’s based on Samsung’s 10.1-inch Tab 4 tablet. If you’re wondering why you should buy B&N’s $300 version of the tablet, there’s a very attractive incentive: It comes bundled with $200 worth of free content from the Nook Store.

While the two tablets look almost identical on the outside, the Nook tablet uses B&N’s own version of Android. The 10.1-inch Tab 4 Nook will receive an update to the very latest version of the Nook software, immediately after you turn it on for the first time. The updated brings a revised, cleaner user interface, which operates in both portrait and landscape modes throughout the OS.

The Nook Store also has a new look, making it easier to navigate. B&N introducedg quick access tools to flick between your library, the shop, settings, and anything you’re currently reading or watching on the tablet. B&N boasts a choice of three million books, plus a wide selection of magazines, movies, TV shows, and specially created Nook apps. Owners of the 7-inch Nook tablet should expect to see the new software version in November.

B&N includes a bundle of freebies with both its tablets. Apparently worth at least $200, it contains four best-selling books, three TV episodes, four free trials of a magazine along with access to a year’s worth of back issues, plus various free apps. Finally, there’s $5 of Nook Store credit.

The spec sheet of Samsung’s 10.1 Galaxy Tab 4 remains unchanged. It has a 10.1-inch, 1280 x 800 pixel touchscreen, a 3-megapixel rear camera, 16GB of internal memory, a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, and 1.5GB of RAM. Barnes & Noble has given it an “introductory” price of $300, but doesn’t mention when this will stop being introductory, or what price it will be when it does.

You can buy it right now from B&N’s own website.