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Is your Android phone’s battery always low? You’re probably using these apps

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Now that we’re at the end of the year, you may have noticed that your phone isn’t lasting quite as long as it did when 2016 first began. On Monday, Avast Software released a new report unveiling the most battery- and storage-draining apps for Android. From news to new friends, the functionality of the apps in question span a wide range, but they’re all connected by a penchant for sucking the life out of your battery.

The global Avast Android Performance & Trend Report (PDF) reveals the top 10 overall performance-draining apps. Facebook-owned properties took three of the top 10 spots, including No. 1 with the Facebook app itself. Second place went to, a relatively new app that lets you record a 15 second clip of you and your friends lip-syncing to a popular song. It’s proven wildly successful, with more than 100 million users watching and uploading clips, but in Avast’s tests, it managed to drain Samsung Galaxy S6 from 100 percent to empty in just 2 hours.

Google Maps took third place, especially seeing as most of us have to keep navigation on for hours on end in order to use the app effectively. Next up came WhatsCall, another new app that lets you call any landline or mobile phone for free. Sure, it’s less expensive than say, Skype, but also takes a greater toll on your battery. And rounding out the top five was the Daily Mail app, which actually takes up quite a lot of storage space, as it runs automatically on your phone.

Looking for love is also costly when it comes to your phone’s storage space and battery life. Tinder was in the top 10 for both data plan/traffic drainers and battery drainers. And perhaps the most surprising app to make the list was Jehovah’s Witness. The app allows users to download the Bible in all languages for a rich, multimedia experience. And given that the Bible is quite a tome, it come as no surprise that Jehovah’s Witness makes your phone work overtime.

“With smartphones taking center stage in our digital lives, people’s expectations are not only to be safe online, but to have a great experience,” said Gagan Singh, SVP and GM Mobile Business, Avast. “These app performance charts are a great example of helping users understand how they need to manage their app usage thoughtfully in order to get the most out of their devices, without limiting enjoyment of their favorite apps.”

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