Belkin Readies Wi-Fi Phone for Skype

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Turns out Netgear isn’t the only company getting ready to launch a wireless Skype handset: Belkin has announced its Wi-Fi Phone for Skype, a wireless handset which will enable Skype users to place free, unlimited international and domestic calls to other Skype users and make low-cost calls to standard telephone numbers around the world from anywhere a user can access the Internet via Wi-Fi. The best part? No computer required.

“With over 100 million registered users all over the world, Skype is enabling the world’s conversations,” says Mike Chen, Belkin’s Director of Product Management. “The Belkin Wi-Fi Phone combines the cost savings and enjoyment of using Skype with the convenience of Wi-Fi, making it even easier for people to stay in touch.”

The Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype can access 802.11b/g networkers, and keeps conversations secure with WPA, WPA2, and PSK support to encrypt data streams over the air. The phone sports a built-in screen with an interface similar to Skype’s on-screen presentation on computers: users select a contact (and see their availability, in the case of Skype users) using an onscreen color menu. Users are responsible for finding their own Wi-Fi hotspots