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Best apps of the week: Blink, GetGlue, The Simpsons Tapped Out, MoviePass, and more


Apps are the lifeblood of the mobile device. Without them, all you’ve got is a big, overpowered hunk of technology that occasionally rings. So it’s best to fill up your phone or tablet with the best apps around. We’re always doing our best to find you the best options for your device of choice – expect for when we’re not. Right now, though, is a time that qualifies as the former as we take a look at all the best apps and updates to go live during the week of February 4-10, 2013.

Twitter update (Android, iOS)


You guys heard of Twitter? It’s this new thing. We think it’s really got a shot. Anyway, its mobile app just got an update this week. The go-to service for everything from live-tweeting major events to live-tweeting your totally insignificant post-lunch, pre-dinner snack now has new ways to sort through all the tweets. The Discover tab has become the hub for finding trends and accounts that may interest you; the search feature now puts results in a single stream; and clicking links in your feed now takes you straight to the site. Essentially, the update streamlines the already simplest form of communication. 

GetGlue update (iOS)


GetGlue takes all your TV watching experiences and makes them social. It does so more than ever with its latest update. GetGlue for iOS now integrates your conversations about TV shows with Facebook. You’ll be able to converse with friends about the arc of your favorite show, and you’ll also have a lot more to watch with the new program guide. You’ll also get suggestions for shows you may like and can dive deeper into your current favorites with full feeds for programs.

WordPress update (iOS)


Have a WordPress blog that you like to update on the go? You’re in luck, because the new update for WordPress on iOS gives you more reason to make it your choice for mobile publishing platform. New push notification options give you the ability to get updates about what’s happening on your site, from a new like to a comment reply. The Notifications menu has also gotten a new look, integrating all your alerts and stats into the tab.

Blink (Windows Phone)

BlinkThis photo capture app comes to Windows Phone straight from the folks at Microsoft. Blink is a burst-style camera tool that eliminates the issue of bad timing by snapping picture after picture – even before you go to snap the photo. Then, after you’ve tried to capture the moment, you can go back through all of the quick snaps that Blink takes and see which one is best. It’s a quantity to provide quality solution to be sure, but it’s also a unique way to get the perfect snapshot.

MoviePass (Android)


Here’s a unique option for movie lovers who already have Netflix and Hulu, but feel the need to get out a more often and see some movies in the theater. For a monthly subscription fee, users of MoviePass will be able see a movie every day of the month. You’ll be able to receive rewards in and exclusive discounts for concessions, as well as have the option to reserve a copy of the film you saw when it’s released on DVD and Blu-ray. The service starts at $30 a month, but if you’re a movie buff that just might be a savings for you. MoviePass’s iPhone app has been out for a few months, but its Android app launched this week.

Cloud Explorer (BlackBerry 10)


BlackBerry 10 users, you’ve finally got an OS that you can be happy with. But during that dark age that BlackBerry went through, you probably started using a lot of third party services. If one of your go-tos happened to be Google Drive, then Cloud Explorer is a great option for you. It allows you to browse and organize data on your site, but you can also take a look at and access all the information you’ve stored in your Google Drive account. 

Sendgine (iOS)


Evernote is a great tool for remembering ideas and tracking your thoughts, but what about actually getting things done? If Evernote had a business-minded brother, it would be like Sendgine. Start with train-of-thought style note taking, then put everything in a task-oriented menu that allows you to delegate or complete on your own. You have the ability to work together with others, communicating through an in-app conversation system that will help keep everyone in touch and on task.

Life is Magic (Android,iOS)


Has there ever been a game with a more positively blissful name? Life is Magic. What a great outlook on the world. Except it has nothing to do with the game. The magic in Life is Magic is the mythical kind, and this location-based massively multiplayer game will have you casting spells and blasting back baddies as you crawl through dungeons and dominate realms. Choose between three different character classes, get yourself some magical powers, then meet up with some fellow warlocks and cast some spells.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out (Android, iOS)


The Simpsons have been everyone’s favorite yellow family on television for over 23 years. It’s hard to re-invent yourself after that long, but there’s no better time to try than when a new platform opens up for you. The Simpsons have made their way into the mobile gaming sphere with The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Homer has caused an accident that wiped out the entire town of Springfield and it’s up to you to rebuild it. With quests and dialog written by the Simpsons writers, it’ll give you a couple laughs along the way.

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