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Best apps of the week: Bump, Kickstarter, Parallel Kingdom, Die Hard, and more


On Kanye West and Jay-Z’s album Watch the Throne, Jay-Z raps “racks on racks on racks.” When it comes to our smartphones and tablets, we have apps on apps on apps. We’re always adding new rows of those little icons that we can’t help but tap on and enjoy. They change the way we do our every day duties; how we kill time; how we do everything. Because new apps are always coming out and updates are always being made, it’s easy for some to slip through the cracks. We’re your safety net, making sure nothing worth downloading is missed. Add another rack of apps to your mobile device with the best apps and updates to come out this week. 

Bump (Update for AndroidiOS)


Bump is already one of the most popular ways to share information, files, and multimedia through phones. With the latest update, you can share with computers as well. While it’s less convenient to raise up your desktop to your phone for that bump motion, you’ll get the same effect as putting two mobile devices together. Its the easiest way for you to sync your files between any devices, and you don’t have to make any more effort than you would do to greet your fist-bumping friends.

Rhapsody (Update for Windows Phone)


Already a well-known commodity in the streaming music business, Rhapsody keeps improving its offerings across the board. The company’s Windows Phone app has been updated, and is now up to version 3.0. Owners of Windows devices can now listen to downloaded music offline, meaning your music doesn’t disappear when your internet connection does. You’ll also get some new user profile support and the ability to view their full music library and the collection of others.

Parallel Kingdom (Update for Android)


Gamers, we’d hate for you to feel left out in the updates. Because you’re not addicted enough to your games as is, PerBlue had added plenty of extras to one of its most popular games. Parallel Kingdom got an overhaul that will take you overhead in the Age of Ascension update. Get yourself an airship and take to the skies, where a whole new realm awaits you, with new resources to be discovered. Though this is a location-based MMO, you aren’t actually required to be in the air yourself to access the new realm.

Tempo (New for iOS)


Losing track of your life? Not sure where you’re supposed to be right now? Let Tempo keep track of all of that for you. This personal assistant app takes all of the information you keep stored on your personal calendar, in your email, and on your social networks, and combines it all into what it calls a smart calendar. Using its built-in artificial intelligence, Tempo is able to help you organize every part of your life.

Kickstarter (New for iOS)


Kickstarter has been the starting place for quite a few mobile apps and games, so it’s only right that it finally gets a proper iOS app. The crowdfunding site is now fully accessible on iOS from its very own app, so now you can back all of the best ideas and projects that don’t exist yet while you’re on the go. Get updates from the projects you’ve already backed, messages from projects and people, and discover all of the best projects out there that are looking for your support in the form of funding.

Sound Uncovered (New for iOS)


There hasn’t been a good example in the last few years – at least not popular ones – but there have always been some audio oddities that pop up in popular songs. Whether its odd sounds or supposedly hidden messages or even information revealed when you play it backward Sound Uncovered has it covered. Flip through this interactive app that will walk you through the story and explanations between some of these audible phenomena.

JOOL (New game for iOS)


Here’s a game that is an interesting exploration of the capabilities of a mobile game. Jool stars two characters: an insecure bird and its adventurous ego. Players are able to switch between the two by turning your device 180 degrees. It’s an arcade title that requires quick reflexes to keep up and make sure your holding your device the right way. It also features some brutal animations when you die, so it’s not for those with the faint of heart.

Die Hard (New game for AndroidiOS)


So the latest Die Hard movie isn’t getting great reviews. They can’t all be winners, and the franchise has had a pretty good run regardless. As such, it’s only fitting for the mobile game tie-in for the game to be a never-ending runner. You’ll take control of Jack McClane, the son of fabled hero John McClane, as you try to escape Russia while leaving a trail of bullets and bodies behind you. It has tons of action, and you don’t have to worry about that whole boring plot thing.

Boardtastic Skateboarding 2 (New game for Android)


The sequel to mobile’s best skateboarding game, Boardtastic Skateboarding 2 picks up where the first left off while reaching even higher on the vert. Get yourself set on your board – be it regular or goofy style – and skate your way into infamy as a pro skater. With 3D graphics, you’ll see every rotation off the half pipe and every board flip from your street tricks. Do everything you’ve ever dreamed of being able to do on a deck without having to strap on a helmet and pads.

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