Best Apps of the Week: BB gets FB and Draw Something doodles itself back to life

apps of the week 4_26_2013 headerThe week, we learned that the iTunes App Store now plays home to over 850,000 apps. We believe the technical term for “a lot.” All you want are some good, functional apps that will improve your life in some way. But how are you supposed to find anything in a sea of nearly never-ending apps? Lucky for you, we’ve done the fishing and have brought the catches of the week right to you. Check out the best updates, new apps, and games to come out this week.

Facebook (update for BlackBerry)

Haven’t made the jump to BlackBerry 10 yet? That doesn’t mean you have to be behind on what’s going on in your friends’ lives. Facebook has rolled an update for BlackBerry devices running OS 5 and higher. It’s improved the navigation, making it easier to check messages, get to the pages you’re looking for, and more. You can also better experience photos, as they blow up to full screen. Commenting and liking photos is easier, as well. Updates on your news feed come quicker and are easier to refresh with the added “Pull down to refresh” option.

Rewarder (new app for iOS)

RewarderDo you consider yourself an expert in a particular category that not many people know about? Or maybe you’re looking for a person that lend their skills and knowledge to you for a small fee? Rewarder is service that connects people with a specific need to a person that can offer the service they are after. Users post exactly what they are looking for (for example, “Provide ideas for locations to propose to my girlfriend”), put a monetary reward on it, and see if anyone can help you out in exchange for the cash prize. 

MadMonster (new game for iOS)

Monsters have invaded the city and are destroying everything in sight. We’ve all seen that plot line before, right? But this time, you’re on the monster’s team. MadMonster does it’s best Rampage impression as it offers players a chance to smash and tear through city skylines, swat away attacking military units, and just generally cause havoc. Collect coins and unlock upgrades that will help your monsters really let loose and turn cities into craters. Sixty levels with six unique environments to destroy should give your inner beast plenty of opportunity to cause chaos.

Nutrino (new app for iOS)

NutriunoEver wanted to get a personal nutritionist? Well, now you can have one in your pocket. Nutrino is designed to give you advice and information about food, and help you live a better, healthier lifestyle. You plug in your dietary preferences and goals for your personal health and Nutrino delivers a personalized menu crafted specifically for your needs. It comes packed with recipes to try, daily intake goals for various categories, healthy options that fit your needs at various restaurants, and more.

BBC iPlayer Radio (new app for Android)

The BBC offers some of the finest programming around. It’s news coverage is often excellent and provides a unique perspective and angles that most other networks don’t take. It also has some great entertainment options for when the news is just a little too heavy for you. Now you can take all BBC programming, no matter what it is, with you on Android with BBC iPlayer Radio. Listen live, stream any program from the past seven days, and set alarms so you don’t miss your favorite show. It’s a must have for any BBC lover.

House of the Dead: Overkill (new game for iOS)

HouseoftheDeadThe House of the Dead series is all about zombies (or mutants, technically, but they act, move, and sound like zombies), but really it’s more of a vampire itself because it’s been around forever and hasn’t seemed to age. No matter how many zombie shooters are flooding the market, House of the Dead always has its own unique charm to it. It’s probably the gratuitous violence and the corny dialogue. Whatever it is that keeps this series alive, it’s now available on iOS devices. Get ready to hack, slash, and shoot to your heart’s content.

Fandango (update for iOS)

Fandango is the most popular choice for mobile users looking to catch a film. With the latest update to the iOS version of the app, getting your ticket to the theater can be a social experience. Facebook integration has been added to the app, allowing users to share their movie going habits with all their Facebook friends. Additional features include an ability to scroll in full screen on the iPad and new functionality for Visa Signature account holders that allows you to save your card information to the device get special offers.

GoComics (new app for Android)

GoComicsYou’ve probably had a day or two where you just need something that can make you smile. What better way than by having the Sunday comics with you at all times? GoComics houses tons of classic comics, from Garfield to Calvin and Hobbes, and gets daily updates of new strips that are sure to make you smile. Relive your favorite panels from the past 20 years, bookmark your favorites and flip back to them any time for a guaranteed laugh, and share via text message or social network to spread the joy.

Draw Something 2 (new game for iOS)

Draw Something was such a huge hit that at one point a TV show based on the game was being developed. Over 100 million people were able to decipher the squiggly lines and barely recognizable drawings of their friends in Draw Something. Then it just fizzled away. Now in the sequel, a whole new arsenal of drawing tools is at your disposal to help you illustrate a new list of words. The general gameplay hasn’t changed, but additional ways to create your drawing, including things like stamps and effects, have been added. The only problem: these new additions will likely just create a bigger gap between the people who actually can draw and those of us that rely on stick figures before just writing out the word we were trying to make. 

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