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Best apps of the week: Moldiv, Lime Light, Frozen Synapse, and more

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All of the happenings out at Google I/O 2013 dominated the news cycle this week, and for good reason: There was a ton of to talk about, especially in mobile. Google has a plethora of changes coming to its mobile app lineup this week and beyond, but what fun would it be for us to just reiterate all that here? You’re looking for new and improved apps of all kinds, not just the Google variety. So we’ve collected all of the best new releases and updates from the week for you to download to your mobile device of choice.

Moldiva (new app for iOS)

MoldivaThough there are no shortage of photo editor apps available for mobile device, Moldiv seems like it could be something special. It comes from the creators of PicPlay Pro, so it’s a crew with a pedigree in photography and it shows. The app lets you make edits to your photos, sprucing them up with filters and adjustments to make them look exactly how you want. Then you can combine them into photo collages that can be digitally hung on your social networks with a frame and all.

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Frozen Synapse (new game for iOS)

FrozenSynapseLooking at a screenshot from Frozen Synapse, you might mistake it for a re-imagined version of a game from the Tron movies. Despite it’s 70’s sci-fi style choices, Frozen Synapse is actually a fairly advanced strategy game. It’s a port from the desktop, where the game was an award-winning effort, and it definitely doesn’t fall short of that standard on mobile. It’s a classic turn-based strategy style game with some modern twists that will keep you engaged and on the battlefield, especially when you start playing the multiplayer modes.

Soundcloud (update for iOS and Android)

SoundcloudWe’re starting to think this SoundCloud thing might end up catching on. The music hosting and streaming service has quite the following, with tons of notable artists and indie acts alike using it to make their music accessible. Now SoundCloud has decided to embrace Google Plus with its latest update, making it possible for users to sign in with their Google Plus account and easily share with their circles. Additionally for the iOS version, the AirPlay streaming feature has been fixed and the AirPlay icon on the player has returned.

Limelight (new app for iOS)

LimelightDespite the popularity of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu (or those illegal sites that we definitely don’t know about nor encourage you to use to see the content you want), there’s still a solid chunk of the media-digesting population that loves to have physical copies of things. If you’re one of those that will still pick up the latest Blu-ray and store it on your shelf, or have an extensive collection that you need to keep track of, Limelight is for you. Organize your films, rate them, and share libraries with friends so you can coordinate who’s bringing what to your next movie night.

Blitz Brigade (new game for iOS and Android)

BlitzBrigadeIf you’re familiar with Team Fortress 2, the popular arcade-style shooter from Steam available for PC and consoles, then you’ll probably understand the basic gameplay of Blitz Brigade. It’s a multiplayer mash-up that will have you battling it out on the front lines with up to 12 other people. Play as five unique classes of characters with their own special skill set and take down enemies with your weaponry or one of the three tactical vehicles in the game. There’s even voice chat so you can taunt your enemies and strategize with teammates.

Facebook (update for iOS)

FacebookiOSHave you guys tried out The Facebook? The social networking site has already taken over Android with Facebook Home, and though it doesn’t seem like it’ll be doing the same to iOS devices any time soon, it has offered Apple users an update. In the latest version of Facebook for iOS, users will be able to save, share, or set a photo as a profile picture right from the photo viewer. There have also been improvements made to the in-app photo editor that makes it easier to use. Add to that some speed improvements and it’s a fine-tuning to an app that you’d probably use anyway. 

Buycott (new app for iOS and Android)

BuycottEver wonder about the story behind some of the products you buy – from the process of how it was made to the type of causes the company that makes it backs? Buycott, a new app for iOS and Android, will confirm all your worst fears about your favorite products. Scan the bar code with your mobile device’s camera and the app will show you the family tree of the maker company, what kind of good (or bad) that they may do, and if the product fits in to causes that you support. 

Karateka Classic (new game for iOS and Android)

KaratekaClassicGet ready to take a trip down memory lane, old school gamers. Karateka, a side-scrolling karate fighting game that was first made popular on the Apple II and Commodore 64, has made a triumphant return with a mobile edition. Karateka Classic puts you back in the world of this 1984 beat ’em up, letting you get acquainted with the game for the first time or relieve the memories on a piece of technology that would have blown your mind had you known about it when you first played this game.

Zomato (update for Android, iOS, Windows 8, Windows Phone)

ZomatoYou say tomato, I say why don’t you just download an update to Zomato? The popular restaurant finder that is designed to point you in the direction of good food got an update on just about every platform this week. The new version allows you to edit your profile from within the app and gives users the ability to report any misleading information about a restaurant. New listings have been added for cities around the world so Londoners can finally find vegetarian dishes and the fine people of Dubai can find a nice sports bar. Enhancements to the search feature have also been included.

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