Best Apps of the Week: Showboatr, Tonido, Injustice Gods Among Us, and more

best apps of the week headerThe big story in the news this week was Facebook phone, which wasn’t really a phone but instead a collection of apps and a user interface overhaul that will run on Android phones. If you spend most of your day browsing your Facebook news feed, we’re sure you’ll be downloading it when it comes available – assuming someone mentions it on Facebook because otherwise you’ll never see it. Facebook Home won’t be available until April 12, though, and you want some new apps now. Check out all the best of the new apps and updates from this week that you can download now.

Badland (new game for iOS)

Winner of Game Connection Europe’s best project award for 2012, Badland is an atmospheric action adventure title with a beautiful design. Visually, it shares some resemblances to Limbo, but the bright, popping backgrounds makes the gorgeous artwork stand out even more. The game is all about experience, with audio that adds ambiance that will immerse you in Badland even more. Take on forty levels on your own or gather up to four friends to gather around the device and take on some clever co-op challenges. 

SkyDrive (update for iOS)

SkyDriveOne can’t really blame Microsoft for not rolling out tones of updates and support for its SkyDrive app on iOS. After all, the computing giant kind of has its own phones to take care of. So iOA users of the cloud storage service from Microsoft have been using the same app without any changes for the past nine months. Now an update is available, finally adding in support for the displays of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. Some new photo uploading options are also included, allowing users to download and upload full-resolution photos.

Showboatr (new app for iOS)

You have tons of skills and talents, right? You keep telling your friends just how unique and amazing you are, but they just aren’t buying it. Maybe it’s time to stop telling and start showing. This video sharing app takes a twist on the concept by asking for very specific kinds of videos. Check out different categories, which hold challenges anywhere from juggling to ripping an apple in half with your hands. You film a 10-30 second video that you record in app that shows you are capable of rising to the occasion. Plus you can connect the app to your social networks and finally prove to your friends that you actually are special.

Tonido (update for Android)

TonidoLooks like all the cloud services are getting updates this week. Tonido, a cloud storage app for Android that specializes in multimedia files, became available earlier this year, allowing its users to access, share, and sync their files across multiple devices. Previously, that didn’t include tablets. With the latest update to the app, that’s no longer the case. Android tablet users now have the capability of accessing all the information they’ve saved on their Tonido account on a slightly bigger screen. 

Injustice: Gods Among Us (new game for iOS)

Injustice: Gods Among Us is the latest video game to call upon the beloved heroes of the DC Comics universe. Players that grab the game on iOS rather than on the console or PC will get a very different way of interacting with those characters. On iOS, the game takes on a collectable card model, allowing players to unlock and build a roster of characters to take in to battle. You’ll still get to do some actual combat, which shows off some impressive graphics and takes full advantage of swipe and tap controls. 

Cooliris (update for iOS)

CoolirisCooliris solves the problem of being a member of multiple photo-sharing sites. It takes all of your photos from your social networks and storage places and brings them in to one place. Now with it’s latest update, it includes Dropbox as a source for photos. You can also now scroll through the photos of your friends and followers on Facebook and Instagram, among others. Along side some normal bug fixes and all that boring stuff, you can also now save to a Google Drive account.

ZeeBox (new app for BlackBerry)

Businesspeople can’t be all about business all the time. Sometimes they have to kick back, relax, and enjoy themselves in front of the TV. Of course, they aren’t going to put their phones down during those down moments – especially not if they have ZeeBox. Now available for BlackBerry 10 devices, ZeeBox making watching TV social by letting you start viewing parties, share your thoughts with friends and viewers of social networks, and find suggestions as to what to watch.

Google TV Remote (update for Android)

 GoogleTVRemoteRemember when we said it’s been a long time since Microsoft updated SkyDrive for iOS? Well, Google has been neglecting the Google TV Remote app for even longer, and it runs on the company’s own operating system. It’s been three years since Google TV Remote was release and it’s just now getting it’s first app update. Voice support has been added, allowing users to search for content with voice commands. A D-pad has also been added along with a pointer mode to use a mouse pointer on screen for improved navigation.

Wallaby (new app for Android)

Have a credit card that gives you rewards? Swipe it as much as possible earn said rewards even though you totally end up spending more money just in hopes of saving some? Maybe you need a card that is a little better suited for you. Wallaby can help you out with that. It will help you pick the right card for the rewards you want, help you find companies running specials that will benefit your card use, and locate the closest merchants that accept your card. 

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