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Check out the top 5 new apps you should download this week

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It’s a busy time of year, so you might not have time to browse the various app stores to find something new, so we’ve done it for you. Here are a few apps to check out this week.


FilmoraGo is a nice-looking video editing app that lets you grab videos and photos from your camera roll, Facebook, and Instagram. The free app offers the ability to add themes, music, filters, and titles as well. The music comes from FilmoraGo’s library of licensed music, or you can choose something from your own device. Once you’ve trimmed the video to your liking and added filters or themes, you can share it straight to multiple apps including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Vimeo, and more. There’s also a Windows and Mac version, should you want to work on a video on a desktop, and the iPhone app is on the way.

Ascape VR

If you find yourself gazing out the window thinking about traveling, you might want to take a peek at Ascape VR. It’s a virtual reality app that offers 360 degree images, videos, and virtual tours. The company behind the app is adamant about offering the highest image and video quality, as well as positional sound to make you really feel as if you’re at the location. The app works best if you have a virtual reality headset like Google Cardboard or the Oculus Rift, but it’s not necessary. Do note, you’ll have to download each “trip” to view it.

Yarn for Messenger

Just when you thought GIF integration into messaging apps was getting popular, out comes Yarn. Yarn for Messenger works the exact same way as other app integrations like Giphy for Messenger do, except rather than sending GIFs, it sends a short video clip. So say you want to say “hello,” a little differently: once downloaded, hit the Yarn icon in Facebook Messenger and type “hello” to get a variety of short clips ranging from Adele’s Hello, to Luke Skywalker saying “hello” to R2-D2 from Star Wars. Tap on the clip you want, and that’s it — Your friend will be able to play the short video clip.

Swing Copters 2

swing copters 2
Fair warning, playing this may raise your temper to an all time high. What else can you expect from the developer of the popular Flappy Bird? Swing Copters 2 is a sequel and it’s more or less the same as the original, but it offers relatively better visuals while keeping the same, incredibly difficult gameplay. You’ll be moving vertically, and basically all you have to do is tap to change the pilot’s direction. Sounds easy enough right? Well no, it’s not. You’ll be a pro if you can get more than one point. Good luck.



Want to track your miles per gallon? Jerrycan can help you with that. The app tracks mileage, fuel, MPG, and more, as long as you remember to use it. When you fill up your tank, add the price, volume, and the gas station’s location. The app will collect that data and will give you back information on distance traveled, spending, and more. It’ll cost you $3, but it’s a pretty-looking app, which might be worth it to you. It’s not out for Android yet, but it could arrive on the OS eventually.

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