Don’t fall for the jokes! All the hilarious April Fools’ Day 2015 tech gags

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Google April Fools Day jokes

Google kicks off with Google Backwards

Google, often the most prolific April Fools Day jokers, has come out in force for 2015. We’re sure there are more to be discovered, but is a good place to start, where the Google website we know and love is entirely backwards and upside down. Search for things, and the results run in the opposite direction to usual. It’s all very confusing.

Google Backwards

Pac-Man invades Google Maps

The Google Maps gag was revealed a little earlier than April 1, making us wonder if it’ll stick around. It’s also pretty cool, because Google Maps now has a Pac-Man mode, which turns the streets around you into a real-world version of the classic arcade game. It works on the desktop and on mobile, but for the latter you need to search for a Pac-Man to start, and when you find him, the game is accessed by tapping a new Pac-Man button on the screen.

Google Maps PacMan

Cute Google Panda will answer all your questions

Google Japan has introduced the Google Panda (a name that references an infamous update to the company’s search algorithm), a voice activated, shock-proof, and very cute panda which has Google Now built in. Talk to Google Panda — in one of 50 languages — and you’ll get the answer to all your questions. Amusingly, it’s available in two sizes, Panda 5, and Panda 6.

The keyless keyboard is beyond ridiculous

Also from Google Japan is the keyless keyboard, a user friendly, mouth operated device which uses the length of a party horn to input different letters on your smartphone. There’s even an accessory so you can blow through your nose instead of your mouth.

React to the best websites with Chrome Selfies

Chrome SelfieChrome Selfie, which a lot of people will wish was real, takes advantage of front-facing smartphone cameras to shoot reaction selfies to webpages. A screenshot of the page, along with your reaction selfie pasted next to it, can be shared afterwards.

Google Fiber gets Dial-Up Mode, for when life moves too fast

Super-fast broadband Internet is great, but it’s sometimes too fast to get anything else done. Google has come up with a way to get some time back, with Dial-Up Mode on Google Fiber. It slows the connection down to ancient 56k modem speeds, so you can spend more time with your family, while waiting hours for a 30-second video to download.

The ordinary mailbox meets Google Inbox

Finally, there’s the Smartbox, a traditional mailbox given the Google Inbox treatment with smart folders, spam protection, and notification alerts. It even has a built-in tablet so you can take it with you.

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