Don’t fall for the jokes! All the hilarious April Fools’ Day 2015 tech gags

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Samsung has the edge, Planet Fitness makes the gym more comfortable, and Microsoft brings back MS-DOS

Samsung’s Blade Edge is cutting-edge tech

The Samsung Blade Edge is an elaborate stunt, and the description of this unusual device goes into a lot of detail. What is it? It’s a special version of the Galaxy S6 Edge, with an edge so sharp it doubles as a chef’s knife. The body is ceramic, while the blade has a super sharp diamond-edge, along with a handy foldable handle. Samsung promises a 50 percent speed increase in chopping, cutting, and slicing. A finger-detection system keeps your pinkies in place, and a human blood sensor automatically calls the cops if you start using the Blade Edge on the sous chef. Check out the full description for a lot of geeky, techy fun.

Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge

Microsoft’s Lumia range gets MS-DOS Mobile

Microsoft made us laugh with the MS-DOS Mobile preview, a return to the much-missed C:/ command line prompt from the beginning of modern computing, reintroduced on your smartphone. Apps already installed are opened using simple commands, and although it’s all a big joke, the retro clean white text on the black screen looks really cool.

Get comfy at Planet Fitness with the Reclinomax

Planet Fitness wants to bring comfort to the gym (or is it the gym to comfort, I forget) and has designed the Reclinomax, a sumptuous leather recliner that can still provide a great workout. While the chair isn’t especially amusing, the script and the performances in Planet Fitness’ video are great. Give it a watch now.

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