Don’t fall for the jokes! All the hilarious April Fools’ Day 2015 tech gags

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Honda, Miz Mooz, Think Geek, and Motorola solve selfie problems

You may end up wanting the Motorola Moto Selfie Stick

Motorola doesn’t think the selfie stick is a joke at all, and is taking the much-maligned accessory very seriously in this excellent video, in which artists craft the best selfie stick in the world. Made from beautiful wood and tactile leather, the Moto Selfie Stick is made with care by some very serious people. This one is an early leader for the best of April Fools Day 2015.

Honda’s new selfie car could be a hit

Honda has returned with another great April Fools joke in 2015 — the HR-V Selfie Edition. The all-new Honda HR-V crossover vehicle has been kitted out with ten different selfie cams — everywhere from the vanity mirror to the underside of the vehicle — to make sure your best poses are captured when cruising the streets. It’s safety first though, and the cameras only work while the car is in Park. Wait, is this real?

The Selfie Shoe solves a modern, and often major, problem

From in-car selfies to selfies taken with your shoe. Yes, the Selfie Shoe is a product from shoe designers Miz Mooz, and it aims to solve the problem of never having anywhere to store your selfie stick when it’s not in use. Simply pop your phone into the custom slot on the tip of your shoe, lift your leg, and use the toe button to snap a selfie. A sensible solution to a major life issue.

All selfies, all the time

Think Geek, the geeky online retailer is (not) selling the Do It YourSelfie, a 360-degree, neck-worn rig with space for 12 cameras to take amazing selfies from any angle. It syncs with your phone, and an app supposedly stitches all the images together into a single, all-encompassing image. It’s $200, and you’ll still need to buy cameras for it.

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