Don’t fall for the jokes! All the hilarious April Fools’ Day 2015 tech gags

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April Fool apps include Grouber cat deliveries, Agri Birds, and Hailo Piggback Rides

The future of ride-sharing is piggybacking

Hailo, the taxi-calling app, has decided the future lies in providing piggyback rides, and who would have thought so much research would be needed into matching rides, with mounts. The video is surprisingly serious, and supremely silly. We especially like the “Pig me up here” button spotted in the app at the end of the video.

Playdate app for toddlers

This could have been a really, really worrying April Fool. But the video is actually quite funny, and surprisingly sweet. It’s all about a spin-off app from dating experts Hinge, which will set up playdates for toddlers. Give it a watch, and just be thankful it’s not creepy.

Cats deliver your Groupon deals

Groupon has seen what Uber does, and wants to combine it with its great deals. Now we’ve got Grouber, which is a transportation app where you pick a deal, then a well-trained cat will deliver it to your door – by car. No, it doesn’t make any sense, but it’s still very funny, and the opening shot of the cat in the SUV is super cute. Make sure you check out the website, which has some great added details, like the cats being guided to their destination by laser pointer.

Agri Birds is an Angry Birds spin-off you may want to play

Rovio’s April Fool is another Angry Birds spin-off, called Agri Birds. It’s set on a farm, and while there’s some resource management things going on, there’s also an unexpected survival horror element, and a dramatic storyline about love and loss. It’s a beautifully produced video, and completely different to anything Rovio has done with Angry Birds in the past. Yes, we’d quite like to give it a try.

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